Instructions for Abstract Submission

Delegates of the session may submit abstracts through the conference website, which must be written in English and submitted by the authors. Each author can submit up to two abstracts. All submissions will be reviewed by the Conference Science Project Committee.

The chapter's guest presenters and keynote speakers do not need to submit summaries online.

Abstracts not selected by the chapter for oral presentations will all be presented offline.

Ⅰ、The deadline for abstract submission: July 20, 2023

Ⅱ、Abstract  submission process

Step1:Log in to the official meeting of The 9th International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology, China 2023 (ChinaNANO 2023)


Step2:Click on "Registration" to fill in the relevant personal information correctly and register to become a participant in the Conference;

Step3:Click on【Abstract Submission】→【Start submission】, and then submit an abstract of the paper according to the system prompts (abstract template is detailed on the conference website)

Ⅲ、Submission of abstracts of papers

Submitted in accordance with the abstract template of The 9th International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology, China 2023 (ChinaNANO 2023).

Ⅳ、The abstract of the paper includes

Title; Author and Organization; Key words(3-5);less than 300 words.

V. Format requirements

1、The page is set to A4, with a margin of Moderate, with a margin of 2.54 cm up and down, and a margin of 2.5 cm left and right.

2、The title should be concise and clear and the initials need to be capitaled. The font is Ariel and the size is number 4. In addition, the font should be bolded.

3、The author's name, organization and keywords are Times New Roman font, which is small four. All of the above needs to be centered.

4、The body content of the abstract should be within 800 words, the font is Times New Roman and size is five. The leading is single-fold.

5、References: The cited references should be relevant papers of the reporter or subject group of this paper so that other participants can fully understand the relevant work. The English literature is in the number five Times New Roman font, sorted as author name, journal name (international generic abbreviation, italic), publication year (Arabic numerals, bold), volume (period) number (Arabic numerals, bold), starting page number (Arabic numerals).


Attachment: China Nanoscience and Technology Conference (ChinaNANO 2023) paper abstract template